Casino Royale 2006

My first time

The Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Professional was my first, (and only), expensive watch that I own. I had saved up for a while to be able to get this watch. I kept looking between this watch and the black Planet Ocean from Quantum of Solace. At the end of the day there were two reasons I wanted this watch ahead of the Planet Ocean.

1. It was the same type (but different model) worn by Pierce Brosnan, who was my entry point into 007.

2. My favourite colour is blue.

Bond wears this watch in Casino Royale from the train scenes heading to Montenegro where he meets Vesper, to the Venice scenes towards the end of the film.

Bond meets Vesper

Saving a Packet

I love this watch and have worn it for almost the whole nine and a half years of owning it. It took me a while to save up for but was glad when I was finally able to purchase it. I was going between two jewellers in Leicester, trying to get the best price. With the help from my Dad, who was a better negotiator than I was back then (still is really), he saved me about £200 off the asking price!

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The watch goes with everything from an Evening Suit to a pair of Orlebar Brown Setters and a polo on the beach. I have worn this watch while diving, using the rotational bezel to identify how much air I had remaining. Even the PADI instruction book uses a blue Seamaster Diver to explain how to do this for diver watches!

For years it has remained a constant for me to have that Bond moment. Whatever else I might be wearing; I can look down to my wrist to look at the time and there it is, that Bond moment.

Model: Seamaster Diver Professional 2220.80.00

Pay attention

I remember after buying it my friends quizzing me about the watch, “Does it have a laser?”, no. “Does it have a magnet?”, no. “Does it have a rotating saw?”, no, no and no, it is just a watch!

The first thing I realised with it was the weight. It’s not heavy, but heavier than any watch that I had previously owned. The condition of the watch after 9 years is pretty good as well. The face (as promised) isn’t scratched, neither is the watch, but the bracelet does show some signs of scratches from over the years, mostly on the clasp. The clasp also has an extension on it, so can be worn over a wetsuit.

Omega Seamaster Diver 300m

Colour: Stainless steel case with blue dial and bezel

Winding me up

I had the watch serviced about 2 years ago, which would have made it 2 years overdue. The reason for this is the one of the position dials fell off and jammed behind the minute hand, preventing the watch to function.

I took the watch to an authorised Omega repair centre to have the dial repaired and the watch serviced. It is a really unlikely thing to have occurred I was told, if I’d taken it directly to Omega, they would have replaced the entire dial!

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Bond’s choice

With the 2006 reboot of the series, Bond wasn’t being issued with an Omega filled with gadgets by Q branch. This is in fact his own choice of watch. He had spent his own money on this watch and others, up to and including Spectre at least (In reality we know it’s a marketing deal EON have had with Omega since 1995).

Bond has sported a different watch (or 2) in every film since, whereas in the Brosnan era they stuck with the same watch for a 3-film run.  The rebooted version of Bond is a watch person and likes to get one every now and then.

Although sticking with Seamaster series, the Craig era have used Planet Ocean’s, Aqua Terra’s, the Seamaster 300 and now the Diver again for No Time To Die.

Omega Seamaster Diver 300m

Image taken from Oracle Time

Patience 007, patience

If I’d of waited a year, I’d probably have gone for the Aqua Terra watch from Skyfall. For me it has an elegance that the others don’t have. Possibly because it doesn’t have the rotating bezel like others from the Seamaster family.

However, I am glad that I got the Omega Seamaster Diver 300m. It has and will serve me well for many years to come. Will I buy a new one?  Possibly, they are expensive items, and I’ve not got the funds to get one right now. I do keep my eye out though! If I do, it wouldn’t be to replace this one. I’ll be keeping this forever.

Omega Seamaster Diver 300m

Purchase Date: May 2011

Taking the plunge

Should you buy one? If you do, you need to make certain it’s right for you. The price of Omega’s range depending on what you are after. The latest 007 edition watch is just under £8000. All the watches prior to that were under £4500. The Seamaster 300m limited edition was that price when it was released in 2015. It has now increased to around £7900!

Servicing should also be a factor; these watches should last a lifetime. Maybe even two, you only live twice! So, servicing should be of consideration, at least every 5 years. I should listen to my own advice sometimes. The cost of which could be as much as £500 with Omega, but potentially less with an Omega authorised repair service. Details can be found on their website. Authorised Omega dealers will likely just send you to Omega.

If you are not after the latest Bond watch and have in mind something worn previously then there are sites that sell preowned watches. Watchfinder is one I look at often, but I stress that I’ve not used them, yet!

Omega Seamaster Diver 300m

Purchase Price: £2050

Shaking things up

In April, after 9 years I thought it might be good to change it up a little. With some advice from @omegabondwatches Lorenzo. I purchased a grey and blue striped NATO strap from Omega. I also bought the spring bar tool from them so that I could change between the two myself.

Since May I have had the NATO on, and I really do like the look of it. There is a simplicity to it that I like, but also a connection to Connery. Different brand and different colours, but I still feel it.

The NATO came in a travel case, with room to fit the tool, additional spring bars and a small mat to work on.

Further Reading

More information on this Omega Seamaster Diver 300m can be found on the Omega website. (Product currently out of stock).

Current Price: £1800-2200 (Chrono24)

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