Rambo: Last Blood sly stallone close up

I’m gonna tear you apart.’ John Rambo, Rambo: Last Blood

Rotten Tomatoes: Critics 28% Audience 82%

Funniest Review: ‘A movie so full of botox that not even a die hard fan would find the original Rambo.’

Costume Designer: Cristina Sopena

Filmography: The Kill Team, Open Windows

Rambo is quite at home on horses, in a ranch in the middle of nowhere. He’s dug all his tunnels, he’s very happy. Rambo is not a clothes horse and is enjoying retirement with a minimalist yet perfectly functional wardrobe.

The cowboy lifestyle very much informs the costume choices with the faded denim jacket, the plaid shirt which he wears over a white Henley. For the final act he wears a mid-blue Henley and some strong military boots. His fists are balled, he means business.

To pay homage to the characters origins we see Rambo act revenge in a green field jacket with a zip hood and tabs on the shoulders.

Perhaps the most striking prop in the entire movie is the watch. And is there no better way to show off the watch than cocking the arrow on a crossbow.

The watch is a Carl F. Bucherer and gets plenty of screen time in the final act. There really is no better way to show off a watch than by cocking a crossbow.

This watch has been identified, as a Carl F. Bucherer Patravi ScubaTec special edition watch. An estimated price through a reseller has a market value of 3.5k GBP. According to Watch-ID Rambo has worn Panerai and a Chronosport UDT Sea Quartz in previous instalments

Rambo: Last Blood watch

Should you watch it?

If you’re like me and you eat sausages straight from the BBQ, then you’ll love this. This is a man’s film, one to watch when the women do their Charlotte Tilbury tutorials in the other room. Although they might come in and complain everything is too loud.

When they come in and ask is is it finished just point and shout, ‘nothing is over’.

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Rambo: Last Blood white henley

Shopping List

Rambo Last Blood is available to buy on Blu Ray. Well who knew that the entire Rambo franchise started with a 1972 American action-thriller novel by David Morrell, First Blood: Rambo. This will be next on my reading list for sure.