The one thing I thought about when I saw this outfit was that I was glad to see bond in a red tie again.

– Article by Daniel Gaster.

Burgundy Tie By Alexander Olch flat lay

Manufacturer: Alexander Olch. Model: Avery


Bond is seen wearing this tie in No Time to Die in Matera Italy, during what looks like a holiday with Madeleine Swann.

He wears this with the Massimo Alba Sloop Suit in Desert, a blue buttoned collar shirt, believed to be by Brunello Cucinelli, Albert Thurston dove grey braces and Drake’s Crosby moc-toe chukka boots in a dark brown suede.

At some point during his battle in Matera he discards the tie, before getting onto a motorcycle.

Burgundy Tie worn by Daniel Gaster with the Sloop Suit

Tie Colour: Burgundy (N-PDI20-5)

My first purchase

I like this burgundy tie by Alexander Olch, it was my first purchase of a No Time to Die item. I really like the colour of the tie, it works well with my other suits, as I have been able to wear this out a little as it was a pre-pandemic purchase.

Read the interview with Alexander Olch, and other designers in the book From Tailors With Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films. available on Amazon.

Burgundy Tie unboxing

Purchase Date: December 2019

Seeing Red

The Matera chase outfit was one of the first suited looks seen for No Time to Die. At least that’s my memory of it anyway.

I’ve always been fond of red ties, and the last time we saw one on Bond it was from Brioni in Casino Royale on board the train going to Montenegro (with a Brioni white self-striped shirt recently covered by Eisuke Ochiai).

Last red tie on Bond seen in Casino Royale

The design

It arrives in an off-white tie envelope, which is tied at the back with a ribbon.

The tie is handmade in New York using 100% Italian silk. It is quite a thick tie as well, maybe on par with the wool brown herringbone TOM FORD tie (one of the six that Z and I covered in our discussion on the NTTD TOM FORD ties), so it ties with quite a thick knot. As usual I tie using the four in hand knot, but for this tie I really wouldn’t want to use anything larger as it produces quite a large knot anyway.

There were a few things I noted at the time which differed to the usual styles of tie that this Bond wore. For one the width of the tie. Since Skyfall the ties worn had been quite narrow and this one is a lot wider.

Bond in a Burgundy Tie

Order online

In fact, when you order this tie online you can choose to have it in a 2” (narrow), 2.5” (standard), 3” (wide) or the 3.5” (007) width. The latter can only be ordered for the burgundy version of this tie.

The other thing I noticed was the pattern. The ties design notes from the Alexander Olch website are “Sophisticated, lustrous silk twill ground with contrasting bourette silk spots”. These silk spots are in alternating pale blue and black in a stripped pattern, a return to a subtle patterned tie. The spots colours differ on the different coloured background for the same model.

Alexander Olch tie (Left) Tom Ford NTTD tie (Right)

Out and about

I was able to wear the tie a little before office-based working became a thing of the past, and a few other occasions since. The tie really does pop. I do however think this on most red ties, I think they stand out a little more. It is a much wider tie than I’ve been used to for some time. But it’s good to have something a little different every now and then.

It’s a nice alternative to the standard TOM FORD ties and is slightly cheaper as well. It would be a nice gift for that Sartorial Bond fan in your life. This tie is still available from Alexander Olch online.

Purchase Price: £128 ($150 + $13.30 shipping)

Cary Fukanaga says,

In an interview with James King for the official James Bond 007 podcast, the No Time To Die director said,

Suttirat Ann Larlab the costume designer draws very much from the context of the story. She’d bring these different ideas to what people might be wearing. Whether that’s Madeline, and how her style has changed over five years. Bond now in retirement, to the villains and the henchmen that work with them. Just kind of creating a palette that we were kind of excited with, it was just a kind of whittling down process really.

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