Night Watch (1995) Directed by David Jackson

I’m good for it.’ Mike GrahamNight Watch

Costume Designer: Annie Symons

Filmography: King Arthur Legend of the Sword, The Dark Tower, The Woman in Black 2.

On the Show

I’m talking to the Costume Designer for Night Watch Annie Symons. Annie talks about how she got involved with the film and what it’s really like working with Pierce Brosnan in his last film before Bond. Below are some transcribed moments from this weeks episode.

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What was it like to work on Night Watch?

It was a real adventure a real eye opener actually, because it was quasi Bond in its intention. It was full of adventure, multi national we were travelling all over the world. I was getting on plane with 36 suitcases, much to the upset of the producers who had to pay excess baggage on it all.

What was it like to work with Pierce? And which brands and tailors did you use to cloth him?

He has a natural elegance and poise and naturally looks good in anything. Where did we go Zegna? Ermenegildo Zegna also Armani because of their classic elegance. It’s funny looking back I see how big the shoulders were.

Night Watch Pierce Brosnan

Big Shoulders

That was just part of the vocabulary at the time. I thought oh my god those shoulders look big, he wears it well and he looks super cool. I think Zegna because of the elegance and Italian cut it suited his casual and elegant approach to things.

AND cool wool, super fine wool. You wouldn’t go for English wool and tailoring. I love english tailoring I think its beautiful but it wasn’t right for him in this. And it kind of had an international feel about it, you know it was very elegant and simple.

Did Pierce do his own stunts?

Pierce was amazing, he did all his own stunts on that. He was really super focused, super professional. In Hong Kong we had this enormous motorbike stunt guy and I said to him, ‘you don’t look anything like Pierce’. Where am I going to get 3 times of the size of the jacket I bought? So Pierce said ‘I’ll do it, I’ll do, I’ll do it’.

Night Watch Pierce Brosnan motorbike

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Night Watch fan art

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