Positively Shocking

I bought some ‘Saucy Daniel Craig’ photos off eBay a few months back and forwarded them on to a friend in the community. However, I took a few snaps of the photos before doing so and thought you might like to see them.

Saucy Daniel Craig

Risky Business

I appreciate the title of this post might be a bit ‘red top’. And perhaps it might be poor form to post photos of someone in a paparazzi-esque way having an unguarded moment between scenes.

The Reason

Put simply, if I looked like Daniel Craig in these photos I’d be more than happy for people to publish them on the wide web. And secondly, I’ve had them listed on my desktop under a folder called ‘Saucy Daniel Craig’.

A risky title for a folder and a tough one to explain away should an overly inquisitive Anastasia scour curiously through my laptop for any given reason. Luckily, she stopped caring about my blogging years ago. Day two of our relationship I think.

The Scene

These photos were taken from the scene that takes place when Bond and Vesper leave the healing villa in Lake Como after some time spent convalescing and not eating chocolates. In the earlier scenes in Casino Royale, James Bond comes out of the sea on Albany Beach Resort, Bahamas.

A beach closed to the public. However, I visited there earlier this year and documented those locations in a previous article. I swam out with Anastasia to get the shot, careful not to submerge the camera phones.

The shot of the house below is the ‘house along the beach’ that belongs to Demetrius. According to the book On the Tracks of 007 you can rent the Albany Villa for 50k a week during low season.

Demetrius’ gaff from Casino Royale

Anyone know?

James Bond wears La Perla Grigioperla Lodato from the Spring/Summer 2006 collection when he comes out the water in Casino Royale. You can find affordable alternatives, for example the Coofandy Swim Trunks available on Amazon for £24.98.

For further information on the impact these swimming trunks had, read the interview with costume designer for Casino Royale Lindy Hemming in the book From Tailors With Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films, available on Amazon.

Click image to shop the book on Amazon

But these are different shorts

These shorts pictured in my saucy Daniel Craig photos are defined by their snugness, a chunky white stripe down both legs, a toggle fasten and a burgundy strip on the back (not seen here in these photos).According to a source at AJB 

They’re not La Perla, or custom.  I’ve had them saved in my eBay search for years now and they’ve never come up, so they were either a very limited production run or prototypes.

Saucy Daniel Craig

Saucy Daniel Craig at peak sauce

Brush up on Bond in Shorts

David Zaritsky from The Bond Experience has done a great video on the Swim Suits and Shorts of Bond. There is also a pair of Orlebar Brown shorts that look strikingly similar to the ones that Bond wears here. You can check out that video below.