David Arnold credits casino royale

David Arnold credits Casino Royale – Start min 6-7

More titles, and the full review of Craig as the new Blonde Bond

Daniel Craig Blonde Bond Casino royale

Actually let’s talk about this a second, because it’s the first time we see Daniel Craig in colour. And it’s probably worthy to note, that he is a blonde Bond and that caused outrage at the time. But Craig said in the biography,

‘Roger Moore’s hair was pretty blonde too you know.’

Pg 565 Some Kind Of Hero

No return for Pierce

Pierce Brosnan was expecting to return for his 5th James Bond movie. After all Die Another Day took $456 million at the box (according to the Daniel Craig biography) more than any other Bond movie. A quote from Pierce Brosnan in Some Kind Of Hero indicates how close he thought he was to signing on.

“I was looking forward to making it edgier and grittier. I thought I made some good inroads to the character and felt a sense of ownership after having played him four times. It was a sense of ease and confidence.”

MGM chief Chris McGurk recalled he had spotted Daniel Craig in Layer Cake and told the Bond producers:

“There’s this actor in there who’d be a great Bond villain.”

PG 572 Some Kind Of Hero

Although in the Daniel Craig biography, on pg 161 Michael Wilson is quoted as being impressed with Daniel before Layer Cake.

‘Barbara had no doubts. We live here, we are familiar with the actors here. I saw Daniel in Our Friends in the North, I saw him in Elizabeth just walking down the hallway. I thought, “My God. He does have extraordinary presence. Just look at his body of work.” He can be a character actor but he can also be a leading man and a star. It’s a pretty unique thing. He seemed the obvious choice.’

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Today on the show I’m joined by Javi Trujillo he runs The Bond Is Not Enough Instagram Account. We’re going to break down minute 7 of Casino Royale. We wander around topics like could Pierce run through walls like Craig, could Pierce run up cranes like Craig, could Pierce run down corridors like Craig. For those that like Pierce/Craig running comparisons, this episode is a must.

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