This page is just a personal diary of some of the film locations I’ve visited on my travels. These entries are not intended to be the ultimate reference guide, although I’ve tried to make them as informational as possible for others. I’m happy to answer questions if I can help, my contact details can be found on the about page.

Visiting the Ian Fleming House 22 Ebury Street

Ian Fleming House - London Out and about Today I took a semi-capricious expedition to 22 Ebury Street, Chelsea to get a look at Ian Fleming's Blue Plaque. Interestingly if you google London [...]

Behind The James Bond Clock Tower From Moonraker

This is a repurposed blog from my long weekend in Venice, visiting the James Bond Clock Tower (Torre dell’Orologio) as featured in Moonraker back in November 2016. Please bear in mind this was a holiday [...]

Postcards From Piz Gloria

“Just a slight stiffness coming on.” Bond, On her Majesty’s Secret Service Stepping off the train at Lauterbrunnen, the valley before the ascent to Murren, base camp to Piz Gloria, home of the newly commercially coined [...]

James Bond’s Flat In Notting Hill | How Much?

James Bond’s flat from Spectre is situated in Notting Hill, 1 Stanley Gardens. It’s an easy enough location to find if you follow the sat nav, 5 minute walk from Notting Hill Tube. I asked the girl’s [...]

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