On this episode of From Tailors With Love I chat to the Budd London boys Darren Tiernan, Senior Cutter and James Macauslan, Cutter & Brand Creative Consultant at Budd London.

I schlepped the entire studio down to their gaff in Piccadilly Arcade which I’d never done before. Amazing I’ve been podcasting for years and you know I’ve always done it over the phone or Skype.

shirtmaker Budd London

Who’s your connection?

This time Mohammed came to the mountain. Or the other way round, however that saying goes. So the connection here is that Budd London provided the shirt for Daniel Craig to wear to the Golden Globes, I did a Vlog on that one which you can find on the YouTube. (Below).

That Bondian Touch

Whilst there I was fitted for a bespoke shirt. I made some subtle Bondian touches to the one that Daniel Craig wore to the Golden Globes. I simply added their cocktail cuffs. You can catch the full break down of that bespoke process in the video below.

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Further Reading

Check out what makes a Budd Shirt by visiting their website. Lots of useful information and James and Darren are happy to talk James Bond.