On this episode of From Tailors With Love I chat to the Budd London boys Darren Tiernan, Senior Cutter and James Macauslan, Cutter & Brand Creative Consultant at Budd London.

I schlepped the entire studio down to their gaff in Piccadilly Arcade which I’d never done before. Amazing I’ve been podcasting for years and you know I’ve always done it over the phone or Skype.

shirtmaker Budd London

This time Mohammed came to the mountain. Or the other way round, however that saying goes. So the connection here is that Budd London provided the shirt for Daniel Craig to wear to the Golden Globes, I did a Vlog on that one which you can find on the YouTube.

Some James Bond news I also mention in the show

Sunspel sea island riviera

Sunspel sea island cotton riviera new in. *gifted

Ok Sunspel they have released two garments Bond related. The Riviera Polo that Craig wore in Casino Royale, thats now available in grey melange and they’ve released that polo in sea island cotton.

sunspel grey melange riviera polo

Sunspel grey melange riviera polo *gifted

I do love Sunspel

I’m a fan of the brand, I’m a fan of the team down there so I want as many eyeballs on their products and they’ve given me some amazing clothes. The chinos especially. I tell you something. if you’re lockdown ,and you need comfy around the house trousers. The sea island pleated twill trousers, f**k man. These were built for thew apocalypse, check them out by clicking on the image below.

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sunspel sea island cotton

Sunspel Sea Island Navy Twill pleated trousers * Gifted

More delays

Orlebar Brown are postponing their heritage collection. Which makes zero sense because everyone knows whats in the collection now.  They’ve also shut their stores here in the UK I’ve just got that email.

James Bond true lies wet suit comparison


I watched True Lies last night. With Anastasia. And its a phenomenal movie. And I got on the blower to Spaiser I said you have to do a blog on this, the Bond parallels in this one. So you have Schwarzenegger coming out of the lake in the beginning, takes of the wet suit at the beginning and he’s suited and booted underneath, just like Connery does in Goldfinger.

True Lies James Bond Comparison

Other Bond Connections

Peter Lamont did the production, Art Malik is in this from The Living Daylights, you have the army ribbed sweaters, much like the N.Peal ones you see them when Schwarzenegger goes to intercept Bill Paxton from shagging his missus.

This might be my favourite Bill Paxton movie.

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