In this interview we speak to Rudy Mance, the costume designer for The Watcher and Dahmer | Monster the Jeffrey Dahmer Story. We talk about brands and tailors used, the process and what the experience was like.

Rudy Mance costume design for Bobby Cannavale in The Watcher

Bobby Cannavale in The Watcher

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“A note from Ryan Murphy, ‘I want Bobby to look like he’s never looked before and dress like he’s never dressed before’. You always try and make as much as you can […] but on a TV budget you can’t always make every suit. So a lot of his suits came from Suit Supply actually. He also wears clothes so well we didn’t have to work that hard. And his white shirts were from TOM FORD.” Rudy Mance – Costume Designer for The Watcher.

Evan Peters as Dahmer (left)

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