In this episode of From Tailors With Love Matt Spaiser – editor of The Suits of James Bond and I are talking to James Davies from Do You Expect Me to Talk on Instagram.

Breaking into Pinewood

James has been helping Matt and I out behind the scenes on a few things. So I thought I’d bring him out of the shadows and into the light with some great stories about having breakfast with Sean Connery, breaking into Pinewood and the Skyfall premiere after party.

Not only but also

It’s all fascinating stuff, not too much in the way of Bond style to talk about this week, although David Zaritsky from The Bond Experience and Harris from Dressing like Bond call in and answer this question posed by Fleming Never Dies on instagram.

“If you could dress Matt Spaiser in any James Bond outfit (perhaps a selection of three) for a special 007 themed photo shoot, what would it be? Matt has no say in this matter, and money is no object.”

We also have a very special guest phoning in to talk about his casual style. So stay tuned to the end.

Clips mentioned:

It’s a bit of a Sly-week. 1st isn’t this the best running tune ever!
And also, whilst looking for the dog killing scene I had to make do with this. What does Rambo say when asked what can he hunt with a knife?

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