Have you ever tried to make your own clothes? Joining us on the podcast this week is hobbyist tailor RJ Magoon and you might know him as Tweed Smut on Instagram. He’s also been on the blog before and you can catch the e-interview here.

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Introducing RJ Magoon again

RJ is not a tailor by trade, but he makes some of the most exciting suits in his spare time and he’s about to embark on an exciting project where he’ll be making the George Lazenby Blazer that he wears to M’s house.

And the other fella

So we’ll get into that, I also want to know what it takes to get to his level, if I were to start making my own Bond clothes where would I start?

Joining me as always is co-host Matt Spaiser editor of The Suits of James Bond and he’s done a great write up on the Lazenby button-three double breasted blazer.

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When I waffle on

After the interview I talk about Honor Blackman passing, and why she was one of the best Bond girls of all time. Mark O’Connell has done a proper write up on the sad passing that you can find here.

Not only but also

A few clips from YouTube you’ll find below.

And this ..

And this..

Coming up

So I never got to interview Ajay Chowdhury or Matt Jones from Hemingsworth. Hopefully we’ll get hold of them soon. I have reached out to Jany Temime for a chat and she said she’ll have a think. Stay tuned.

Mark Mawston is in the tank, that will be a great episode. Mark has met all the James Bond actors and has a story for each.

And lastly

I’ll do a Vlog today hopefully on the second Frank Foster shirt that I had made, believe me it’s a real bobby dazzler. MAke sure you’re subscribed to the YouTube for exclusive content.

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