Have you ever tried to make your own clothes? Joining us on the podcast this week is hobbyist tailor RJ Magoon and you might know him as Tweed Smut on Instagram.

He’s also been on the blog before and you can catch the e-interview where RJ describes his background and personal style.

make your own clothes

Introducing RJ Magoon again

RJ is not a tailor by trade, but he makes some of the most exciting suits in his spare time and he’s about to embark on an exciting project where he’ll be making the George Lazenby Blazer that he wears to M’s house.

And the other fella

All the stuff I do on instagram is just my trials and errors with learning tailoring on my own.

Where to start?

If I were to do it all over again; I’d go to a thrift store and get a load of shirts for a dollar. Stuff you don’t care about ruining because you’ll ruin a lot.

What sewing machine should I use to make my own clothes?

Get a Brother CS6000i, sewing machine, that will last for 5 years. (I have only found the CS7000i available online, through ETSY).

What’s the hardest garment to make yourself?

Making a jacket is difficult, that’s the hardest thing you can do. It’s intimidating, and when you start trying to do everything it can be overwhelming.

But there are transferrable skills and they all build on each other. But it takes awhile.

Are there any garments that dovetail, I.E Shirts and Shirt Jackets?

Shirt jackets is a great dove tailing for making shirts. You’re really just using a heavier fabric, merino wool or a heavier cotton.

And how long does it really take to get to a decent standard?

It’s taken me around 6 years to get to where I am now. Although I took about a year or so off.

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Further Reading

Joining me as always is co-host Matt Spaiser editor of Bond Suits and he’s done a great write up on the Lazenby button-three double breasted blazer.