Today we are going to be joined by Matt Spaiser. We’re going to roll out a recording of an instagram Q&A that we did a month or so ago now, before the madness descended.

Below are the questions we answered

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Other things mentioned on the podcast

Well today I’m recording this on TUES and you’ll be hearing this on WEDS. Today would have been the premiere for No Time to Die.

And whilst I’m seeing a swathe of photos on Instagram of the Bond glitterati on the red carpet at the Royal Albert Hall, for the premiere of Spectre, I went digging through my Facebook profile to see if I could find mine. And don’t you know I found it.

Spectre White Dinner Jacket Kratt Casino Royale


I bought this old White Dinner Jacket off eBay for like 30 quid. And I wore it once. I’m looking at the photo now, and this has like a 90s length to it. I know its 100% polyester but am I nuts in thinking this doesn’t look too shabby?

Kudos goes to James Bond Locations on Instagram for drawing the parallels on this one. I actually make tangential references to Eva Green. Here’s a quick snippet of her in Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For. Might kill 5 minutes from your day.