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In this episode of From Tailors With Love I’m talking to former personal assistant of Roger Moore, Gareth Owen. Gareth has a new book out called Raising an Eyebrow, My Life with Sir Roger Moore. Available to buy here.

Here is a clip from the interview.

“If a film had a deal or a friendly contact with a tailor they would always use one of those, there were certainly 2 or 3 that he was always friendly with and Salvatore Ferragamo always supplied his shoes and his belt, and I remember going in there with him to pick up new shoes all the time.

Roger was very loyal to the brands, if he liked them. to his dying day if he went into Salvatore Ferragamo for his shoes he always got 25% discount. He was a bit of a ponse, if he could get a discount or a freebie he loved it.”

No time to write anything witty today, I’m off to see my shirtmaker Frank Foster and then some errands to run on Savile Row, then off to the Globetrotter launch for their No Time to Die Luggage. I haven’t felt this British since I watched Bob Hoskins tell the Mafia ‘I sh*t em’.

Make sure you’re subscribed to the YouTube channel for extra content (Check out link below and subscribe if you wanna).. I’m going to be posting a Vlog on my time in the Bahamas soon. That’s right, watch me mooch around carparks in The Ocean Club and remark on how amazing it is that the barriers are no longer there.

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