In this episode of the podcast I talk about my experience to Goldeneye, the Ian Fleming resort in Jamaica.

If you are planning a trip I very much recommend reading the book Goldeneye by Matthew Parker. For sartorial fans there is a nice passage about Antonio’s, the fabric merchant in Falmouth where Fleming sourced his clothes whilst there.

Goldeneye Beach

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Unfortunately Falmouth is quite a drive from the Goldeneye resort and you will need to allocate a day to get there and back. I have no credible evidence if the shop is there or not. The Croc farm seen in Live and Let Die is also in Falmouth so there is a good reason to go and investigate. Please contact me here if you have any additional information regarding this.

You can also find the review with the complete Goldeneye Itinerary on the Where’s Bond Now section of the Blog. This editorial will contain locations from No Time to Die and other James Bond films. Also I recommend a tour guide, you’ll need one for visiting locations outside of Goldeneye.

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I’m joined on this episode by Matt Spasier of Bond Suits. The episode is available to listen in the player below or on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify.

Further Reading

You can hear an interview with Matthew Parker and how Jamaica was the place to be in fifties on the James Bond Radio podcast.

Some simple rules about the Ian Fleming Villa

Yes you can sit at the desk.

They do open tours on a Monday if there is no one staying. Check with reception when you check in whether you can gain access.

I find tipping the staff throughout the time you’re there incredibly advantageous. Even then you might not get in. But it could be the difference between yes and no.