On this episode of From Tailors With Love, I sit in with Matt Spaiser from The Suits of James Bond and David Zaritsky from The Bond Experience.

This is a truncated interview, the full interview will be released on Davids channel in due course. We discuss the Funko Pops, what brands will be releasing their own lines of EON approved James Bond collections and does Daniel Craig have too much say in the wardrobe department of Bond?

The DVD Extras

We also add a little audio of the Q&A with Rocky Taylor, the stuntman who doubled for Roger Moore in Octopussy. You’ll find that audio clip on the end of the podcast.

The show hits 30k downloads

I think this quite an amazing achievement frankly. I don’t really thank people on the podcast, but I’ll do it quietly here because I doubt people check the shownotes. Thank you. As I always say if you’re digging the free content feel free to leave us a review on iTunes.

Side bar thoughts

I want to put this out there, wouldn’t it be more interesting to have all the James Bond podcasts under one-roof on an authorized app?

There are so many great James Bond podcasts out there; James Bond Radio, Being James Bond, The 00 Files, The OddJob Pod, James Bond and Friends. Imagine if we could put all of these under one umbrella. One app. This would galvanise the entire listener audience between all of the podcasts combined.

Surely then we’d able to introduce some element of sponsorship. Brands could then come in and we’d all be able to finance this? Maybe any money made we can all agree to donate to UNICEF.

If it all goes to UNICEF we could perhaps have a better chance of getting some higher calibre guests. That’s right, I just want to talk to Geoffrey Moore and hug him. Don’t ask why.

On The YouTube

We also released a video on The YouTube this week about Scents for Fall/Autumn. We made them Bond-relatable, albeit tenuously. Thanks to Bobby Morelli from Matched Perfectly for introducing me to these brands and scents.

Coming up

We have two Turnbull and Asser videos, filmed in-store in New York by both Matt and myself. We have a ‘Meet the Bloggers’ video where we discuss what Matt and I both do outside the world of Bond.

On the podcast we have some interviews recorded with Marc Hernandez who will school us on the history of Nene Valley Railway. Two interviews with author Mark O’Connell on his love affair for Octopussy and A View to a Kill, and also a short interview with Ian Maclean, Managing director of John Smedley.

All other links to the podcast can be found in the players below.