What are the staple pieces for a James Bond winter wardrobe? How can one manage to stay warm yet still look like a super spy. In this article Matt Spaiser editor of Bond Suits has chosen his top 3 looks that Bond wore in the colder climates.

Coming to New York

Bond is all about tailored clothes and one of the most iconic cold weather pieces of James Bond wardrobe is the navy double breasted overcoat in Live and Let Die which he wears when he arrives in New York. It’s a chesterfield, formal lower buttoning style, buttons at the waist and I like all the details like the velvet collar and the gauntlet cuffs. It’s a time less piece. This is the first time we see Roger Moore’s Bond in tailored clothing.

A very warm suit

One of the staples of Bond’s winter wardrobe was the grey flannel suit and the best one is the 3 piece that he wears in Thunderball. This is THE suit for cold weather. I especially love the flat bottomed waistcoat, a real 60’s touch. Those flannel suits back then were quite heavy, it could have been an 18 Oz suit. Twice as heavy as most suits are today.

winter wardrobe brosnan overcoat

The king of overcoats

For my final pick I have to choose another overcoat, probably one from Pierce Brosnan. Brosnan was the king of overcoats for James Bond and he wore one in every film. One that stands out to me is the vicuna-coloured coat that he wears in Tomorrow Never Dies when he arrives in Hamburg.

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