Tom Cruise’s key look in the film Rain Man

Rain Man (1988) is a film that is considered to be an epithet of cinematic art, which pioneered the introduction of no deposit bonus not on gamestop gambling establishments. The key element of this masterpiece is the unsurpassed image of the main character, which has become a defining feature of Tom Cruise’s acting skills. In this masterpiece, the famous actor reveals his unique talent and ability to deeply feel and reflect the inner world of the character.

Style and image of the protagonist in the film

What better way to reflect a character than through a lifestyle, such as Lucky Barry casino or casual wear? His style was not only inspired by 1980s fashion, but also reflected his character Charlie Babbitt, who was selfish, manipulative and conflicted. Charlie dressed in expensive and elegant suits to emphasise his status and success in the business world. He also created a contrast with the style of Dustin Hoffman, who played his brother Raymond, who had autism. Raymond dressed in simple and neutral colours such as grey, brown and beige to emphasise his alienation from society and his focus on his rituals and rules.

He also wore uniform clothing such as white shirts, trousers, and jackets to show his stability and immutability. The style showed his development and change as a character. In the beginning of the film, he was aggressive and heartless, but gradually he became more compassionate and caring towards his brother. This was reflected in his clothes, which became more relaxed and comfortable. He also started wearing darker and more calm colours that were in harmony with Raymond’s. The character’s image was contradictory and dynamic.

On the one hand, he was cynical, selfish and self-serving. He did not value family ties, only money and success. He didn’t understand his brother Raymond, who had autism, and initially wanted to use him to get his inheritance. On the other hand, he was smart, talented and charming. He had a good sense of humour, knew how to communicate with people and find a way out of difficult situations. He also changed over the course of the film, becoming more compassionate, responsible and loving. He learned to understand and respect his brother, and to find the true meaning of family and life.

Tom Cruise’s clothes in the film Rain Man

The protagonist’s clothes were made of high-quality fabrics such as silk, cashmere, cotton and wool. These materials matched his role as a successful and ambitious businessman who valued comfort and luxury. He also emphasised his personality and style by choosing clothes from famous designers. He favoured neutral colours but also added some contrasting hues. These colours emphasised his mood and emotions in different scenes of the film. 

Tom Cruise’s accessories and outfits in the film Rain Man

Tom Cruise’s accessories and outfits in this film were not random, but well thought out to show his character, status and the changes he goes through while travelling with his brother. He wore Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, which were popular in the 1980s and emphasised his confidence and coolness.

These glasses were launched in 1956 and became style icons, thanks to celebrities such as James Dean, Bob Dylan and John F. Kennedy. In Rain Man, he also wears these glasses to emphasise his confidence, ambition and ego. He gave his glasses to Raymond when he was scared during the flight to calm him down and show him that he was not such a bad brother. 

He also wore shoes made of genuine leather or suede that had classic or sporty models such as flats, loafers or sneakers. These accessories and outfits not only characterised Charlie, but also played a role in the development of his relationship with Raymond. They became objects of exchange, communication, conflict and reconciliation between the brothers.