The Gentlemen (2019)

The Gentlemen grey check suit

Costume Designer: Michael Wilkinson

Filmography, Batman V Superman, American Hustle, Tron Legacy.

UPDATE (November 2021)

Brands used in the film

Thanks to some recent auction listings at Prop Store, we know that Matthew McConaughey’s character wore,

[…] a Ralph Lauren tuxedo jacket, a burgundy knitted Cordings waistcoat; a blue-and-white striped Thomas Mason shirt; a green knitted-silk New & Lingwood tie.

The Gentlemen, a film rich with colourful suits, costumes and language! I loved every minute of this, except perhaps the hint of a The Long Good Friday ending, but then not following through. But then I guess if they followed through, it would just be The Long Good Friday.

As you were Guy Ritchie. Benjamin Waters and I do our best to break down the style elements of the film for the From Tailors With Love podcast. In the mean time The Gentlemen is available now on Amazon Prime.

The Gentlemen Hugh Grant leather jacket

The other Brands used

One of the most sought after pieces is the camel cardigan that Charlie Hunnam wears. This was identified by a member in the AJB007 community who wrote.

JTM wrote:

Welcome to AJB Pete  ajb007/smile The cardigan is from Dunhill. Haven’t been able to find it in camel/tan though. The only camel Dunhill I can find online differs from the film one.

The Gentlemen Charlie Hunnam camel cardigan

Listener Mail

I thought it was a good film, entertaining. Hugh Grant was great in an against type role. I thought Matthew McConaughey’s clothes were very elegant and gave off a distinct English look.

His well cut check suits and sports coats have off gave off the image of a lot of money, but also that of an American who has assimilated into British culture.

It was really an aristocratic English look that has slowly faded away except for say in the closet of Prince Charles or the Duke of Edinburgh. David Beckham is really more characteristic of a modern English tailored look. – Ryan Hall

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Shopping List

The Gentlemen is available to buy on 4k UHD (Blu-Ray). Next on my reading list is Greenlights, the Autobiography by Matthew McConaughey available to  buy on Amazon.