The Fourth Protocol is such an underrated movie, sits perfectly with Who Dares Wins and The Long Good Friday… Caine has a great screen wardrobe, much of which is his own. – Jonathan Sothcott.

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I talk to Matt Spaiser from BondSuits, Z from Tie Another Day, and Felix Thomas Creighton from Fleming Never Dies about the 1987 hit espionage thriller The Fourth Protocol. The Costume Designer was Tiny Nichols. His filmography includes Octopussy (Costume Supervisor) Aliens (Costume Supervisor) and The Living Daylights (Costume Supervisor). We take a look at the key style elements, discuss the suits, the leather jackets and of course, Pierce Brosnan’s hair? The podcast is available to listen on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify or in the player below.

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The Fourth Protocol Pierce Brosnan


  • Matt what do you think of Brozza’s hair in this one?
  • I think only the solid coloured suits flatter Michael. The brown check suit and these non-descript bomber jackets just don’t beautify him. Thoughts on Michael here?
  • Thoughts on Pierce’s look here? Favourite outfit?
  • Caine was 54 years old in The Fourth Protocol, Brosnan was 34. Something to think about.
  • Matt do you think any of Michael Caine’s suits are by Doug Hayward?
  • The racist chat on the train was actually uncomfortable. You would never be able to write that in nowadays.
  • Is this the worst coat in all of movie history?

The Fourth Protocol Michael Caine

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The Fourth Protocol Michael Caine

Thoughts and Review

Pierce manages to tense very easily, his hair does a lot of the acting for him .I notice when he has to be tense or nervous, or on the edge, his fridge flops down, and out of nowhere he has the wet look gel look going on. Which I’m totally fine with.

So it feels very televisual, the rest of the cast are very forgettable, it’s a shame Julian glover wasn’t at least allowed to leave the office. So suffered from the budget I felt. I know Michael Caine said that this film should have been an action movie rather than a talking movie. I didn’t feel like it was either because the talking was perfunctory. The dialogue serviceable to the plot but not to the value of the film or the viewing experience.

I wrote in my notes, by fuck they took a long time to assemble that bomb together. But I loved how the bomb was the reveal, all the ingredients are being smuggled in various parts. The violinists shoes for example. I do love the fact they had Big Daddy wrestling. Old school.

I was quite pleasantly surprised that Clacton has suddenly become the epicentre for nuclear threats and activity.