Did you just fart? I can taste it – What is that onion and ketchup?

In Step Brothers, Dale and Brennan played by John C.Reilly and Will Ferrell wear Dale’s fathers tuxedos to job interviews.

Rather than wear identical tuxedos, costume designer Susan Matheson has given them mini differentials. Dale wears a peak lapel dinner suit with a pleated bib shirt. Brennan wears a shawl lapel jacket with a ruffle shirt that has black button studs. Both wear clip on bow ties and cummerbunds.

Boats and Hoes

Will Ferrell is 6’3 and John C Reilly are 6’2. Richard Jenkins (Dale’s dad) is 6’1 so it’s not out of the realms of possibility that these tuxedos fit similarly and so well.

I’ve not managed to ascertain the name of the tailor for these tuxedos. (Who cares really). However, Brooks Brothers made the suits for the dinner presentation where the Step Brothers unveiled their entertainment management concept – ‘Prestige Worldwide’. There is a chance that Matheson also used them to make these tuxedos.

The watches they are wearing are Kidriffic walkie talkies.

Step Brothers tuxedos

Pow pow

There is a great interview on Collider where Matheson talks about how she acquired the tee shirts seen in the film. I found it interesting to learn that the reason why we see so many AC/DC in the films is because you have legal clearance to use them

Step Brothers vintage tee shirts

Did you rub your balls on my drums

Because it is an R-rated (15 in the UK) movie she had to sought legal clearances to use others. Especially the Star Wars ones. Matheson bought ‘probably hundreds’ of vintage t-shirts off eBay. I’ve listed my favourites below.

After a swift Google search of Vintage Tees I’ve fallen in love with the site Design by Humans. All independent art tees go for 25 USD. No ‘Its The Fucking Catalina Wine Mixer’ tee’s tho. I guess thats a bit too on the nose.

Step Brothers bahamas tee

Shopping List

Step Brothers is available to buy on Blu Ray. Also available in a box set.