Source Code tweed jacket blue shirt

8 Minutes and Counting

Jake Gyllenhaal who plays Colter Stevens in Source Code has 8 minutes to figure shit out. He gets blown up more times than a Pinewood Stage and does so wearing a black and brown tweed Daniel Hechter jacket with chocolate suede elbow patches.

His wardrobe suggests he is an entry level employee with a basic respect for office attire. He is comfortable in his place of work and is not looking to climb the corporate chain.

Source Code tweed jacket


To compliment the jacket Colter wears a blue long sleeve B.D. Baggies oxford shirt; grey Madison Avenue silk tie; dark navy blue J.W. Brine pants (size 32); and dark brown suede Hugo Boss belt. (Description taken from auction site).

This entire ensemble was sold at Nate D. Sanders auction for $916.

Source Code bomb

It tells the time

As with many films where time is of the essence, the watch has several close ups. The watch is a  Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Classic XLS MT (product code 241300) wristwatch. You can find more info on the Watch-ID website. It retails for around 700 bucks.

Sorry should have introduced myself

Costume Designer Renée April gave Dr Rutledge played by Jeffrey Wright, a scrupulous 3-piece brown suit. The brown suit has slightly roped sleeve heads but look very natural. It fits his frame very well.

The notches have a deep gorge but nothing too dated. He also has a metallic dress watch to bring some extra shimmer and luxury to his look, but I couldn’t identify the brand.

Brother from Langley

Rutledge is a man who takes his style and position very seriously. He combs his tiny island of hair with fastidious purpose and embellishes his suit with a pocket square that is largely concealed by a note pad or piece of paper.

Z from Tie Another Day describes the tie:

I would describe the tie pattern as a diagonal chequerboard pattern with alternating pattern of black and yellow solid squares on top of a grey and white mini chequerboard pattern.

It can be a metaphor for the story that chess is used as the protagonist is trying every possible move to identify the suspect. Also a bit inception like in that the pattern is kind of self replicating.

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Shopping List

Source Code is available to buy on Blu Ray. So as Scott Bakula is featured in this film, and because I’m in love with Quantum Leap, I have to recommend Quantum Leap: The Complete Collection