‘You’re going on a journey’. – Nick Bannister, Reminiscence.

Reminiscence rebecca ferguson and hugh jackman love scene

Reminiscence (2021) screen shots


If you were to ask my girlfriend Anastasia what this film was about she would say, Reminiscence is a film that revolves around Rebecca Ferguson’s back. To quote Anastasia, ‘the director knows how beautiful her back is. It’s the best thing about this movie.’

Rotten Tomatoes

Best review: ‘I’d say it was laughably bad but that would imply that there was fun to be had in viewing this interminable bore.’ Super Reviewer.

Who made the coat for Hugh Jackman in Reminiscence

I dropped a note on the Instagram for the costume designer Jennifer Starzyk and asked who made the coat. She kindly replied,

‘All Hugh’s clothes, including his shoes, were custom made, Serj Tailoring made his Trench (Coat) ~ fabric from Western Costume Co.’ 

Reminiscence hugh jackman in a trench coat

Reminiscence (2021) – Photo source IMDB

The suit Hugh Jackman wore for the Premiere?

It’s interesting really when you see Hugh Jackman in a suit, he wears clothes so well. Perfect physique and body ratio and just dreamy looks. I like Hugh’s approach to social media because if he thanks his tailor, like he did with Zegna in a recent post, he will declare ‘this is not an AD, but a thank goes to…’ He will also support relatively unknown brands such as Inis Mean and thank them for sending him a sweater.

For the premiere of Reminiscence, he simply had to put the caption of him ‘booted and suited’ and it made an article in the Daily Mail. I checked his tags and he doesn’t tag his tailor, but his stylist. It’s not uncommon as celebs will have many tailors and ties to brands if they’re ambassadors.

Hugh jackman grey suit premier for reminiscence

Reminiscence (2021) premiere

On the social side

I then looked at some of the comments on social media and gushing comments aside, many comments highlighted that his pants were too short and the jacket was a different colour. Although I suspect that was just the lighting. Hugh’s stylist Michael Fisher tagged dunhill, Gianfranco Ruffini and Drakes Diary in the post. I think this is probably off the peg Gianfranco Ruffini hence the trousers being a little short, with the shoes from dunhill and the accessories from Drakes Diary. Happy to be corrected. If that was a dunhill suit I suspect Hugh might have tagged them.

Movie poster

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My thoughts

We went on a journey, or at least I did. Anastasia wished she stayed at home.


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