End of minute 18

Nambutu Embassy

Minute 19 of Casino Royale sees Bond blow up the Nambutu Embassy. About the explosion on the Blu Ray commentary special effects supervisor Chris Corbould says:

They had to digitally put some roofing over one of the guards who was still alight. They didn’t want to show the guard alight and the stage still in tact.

Nambutu Embassy

Is he saying Listen to Me?

The Nambutu Embassy official is played by British-Nigerian born actor Valentine Nonyela. His IMDB page pre-Casino Royale boasts of mainly British TV work. Recently he is working more in producing films. If you’re reading this Valentine it would be great to have you on the podcast, do get in touch.

From regular contributor to the show, Phil Nobile Jr on Instagram

I caught you quoting the embassy guy ahead of the moment but he’s not saying “listen to me” – it’s some kinda French dialect. He’s saying “release him” or some sh*t.


Mollaka (the free runner) has no lines in this movie, in an early draft of the script he did. He said, ‘what’s your name huh? I’m never there when they die. I want to know the names. I want to know who died here today.” Bond replies, “The names Bond, what’s yours?” Mollaka informs Bond of his name and Bond says, “See? You already had your answer.”

Nambutu Embassy

End of minute 19

The final image

Of Minute 19 is perfect, Nambutu Embassy official is looking on in disbelief that Bond has escaped. It’s also worthy to note that as Bond violates the number one rule of international relations, he would have subsequently have made a plea to Mi6 to give him up. (These bastards want your head). Which foreshadows what M did with her former 00 agent Silva in Skyfall.

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