End of minute 16-17

It’s a very Bondian thing to do, hoist the villain by his or hers own petard. This happens here to the official that goes for his gun, only to get disarmed and walloped in the face with it. Before that however, Bond even has time to smack his head on his own bust. It’s a double whammy and I love how Campbell gives us these close ups to illustrate this.

The Nambutu Embassy official is played by a British-Nigerian actor Valentine Nonyela. According to his IMDB page he’s been in episodes of The Bill, Minder, London’s Burning and a Touch of Frost. 

Bond then grabs Mollaka and he’s on the charge. The official has triggered the alarm so Bond is soon getting outnumbered by security and is forced to shoot and fight his way out.

And it’s worthy to note here, that these scenes were some of the first to be shot.

Stunt coordinator Gary Powell says on the Blu Ray commentary,

Everyone got to know each other on the first day. It set the tempo for the rest of the film and it certainly never came down from there.

I love one of the moments where Bond has Mollaka by the scruff of the neck, and the angle Campbell is going with is from the office across the hallway. Almost as if it’s a POV of someone in their cowering behind their desk.

The minute ends with Bond chucking Mollaka through a window like a rag doll.

End of minute 17-18

All images from Casino Royale, owned by MGM and EON Productions. I own none of these images and am just using them here to offer context to my thoughts and commentary.

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