Bond in Pursuit

End of minute 16 Casino Royale

In this minute 16-17 of Casino Royale, we see Bond in pursuit of Mollaka, running out of the construction site and heading towards the Nambutu Embassy. There is a small foot chase beforehand. Photographed and captioned in the Greg Williams photography book Bond on Set. Craig talks about doing his Achilles tendon on that chase sequence,

I was in a lot of pain throughout this scene. I’ve done my Achilles tendon and whenever I had to do a running sequence it was agony. When I look back at these shots of me running I can tell I’m carrying an injury. That was frustrating as I kept having to go to the monitor and, if didn’t look right we had to go back and do it again.

The excerpt above is taken from the wonderful blog, James Bond Locations.

Bond in Pursuit

The info above is pulled from the IFL Watches Website.

Bond in Pursuit

Curious here is that Mollaka is somehow in cahoots with the embassy. I’m not sure what the guard is doing when he arrives, he is checking a document, and okaying approval for Mollaka. Mollaka has ran past the first guard, it’s almost as if he knew he was coming. And his bag is not checked. He is not searched. Although maybe he does that off camera. The bag we know has explosives in it.

We then see Bond waltz into the Embassy. He is not running, he is not sneaking around corners. He is brazen, ballsy. He just wanders into the office and kicks Mollaka in the chest. The embassy official goes for his gun in the drawer.

End of minute 16-17

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