Best Pre-Titles casino royale construction site

Start of min 12-13

The Best Pre-Titles?

James Bond gives chase to Mollaka, as he runs through the construction site. What I think becomes really clear in this chase is Bond’s persistence. His perseverance. And I’m not sure of the difference between persistence and perseverance.

We also see Mollaka in full flow here running up the girders like a chimpanzee. Bond runs up the crane and that’s the moment where I think, that’s a tough incline. Pierce would have struggled with that one.

Mollaka’s jacket in the German Spy Musuem in Berlin

We also see Mollaka is ruthless kicking the have-a-go hero off the beam. The worker then gets caught up in some gas canisters which explodes shortly after he hits the floor. Bond takes shelter for a brief second and I think this is the best shot we get of the Liberty Print shirt. Described in the book From Tailors With Love.

Best Pre-Titles Casino ROyale

Casino Royale (2006) Liberty Print Shirt described in the book


This footchase scene is not technically the best Pre-Titles because it comes after the title sequence, it was intended to be a pre-titles. I can’t count it as such but when I think of this chase, I immediately think this is the best pre-titles sequence of the series. Second only perhaps to that of The World is Not Enough.

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From Phil Nobile Jr

Mollaka running out of bullets, and whether Bond knew Mollaka was out of ammo: In the storyboards for this sequence, they riff on Dr. No and Bond says “That’s a (some gun or other). And you’ve had your ten.” Wisely excised from the script, where it’s simplified to “Learn to count.” Which was also, of course, not in the final cut;
The horrible shirt: Also explained in a cut line from the script! We (and Matt) must give Bond a pass for this shirt, as he’s undercover as “Sandy Bizet, Fashion Buyer” (see below).