End of Minute 9-10

End of Minute 9-10

The end of Carter

Carter played by Joseph Millson panics when Mollaka gets a message on his phone Ellipsis and then leaves the gambling mob. ‘He’s on the move and he’s heading right for me.’ He tells Bond by comms, with one finger in his ear.

Bond tells him to stop touching his ear, but it’s too late, the game is up. Mollaka spots Carter and runs the over way. Carter gives chase but falls into the empty swimming pool, his gun discharges and the mob spreads wildly. Bond overlooking all this begins to give chase on foot.

The end scene is Bond’s stunt double jumping off a tin roof. Classic stunt folly, where then Daniel Craig will appear in the next moment from behind another hut. (Near left).

End of minute 10-11


I know it’s only a small moment but I bloody love that tiny second we see Bond watch Mollaka go out of shot before he starts the chase. It’s like he’s gone from 0-60 in a blink of an eye. The only trouble is, Mollaka can go from 0-100 just as fast.

What does ELLIPSIS Mean?

I sourced the following from CommanderBond.Net,

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Interview with Joseph Millson Aka Agent Carter

Here we have Carter played by Joseph Millson. I reached out to Joseph Millson on Instagram and he came back with these voice notes. Below are his replies loosely transcribed.

How does wardrobe work for a part like yours?

Wardrobe is a fitting you meet the costume department a month before on almost every film. you either hit a shop together and talk things through and look at their designs, they get your impression of what you think. or you meet them at the wardrobe department at the film studios and they have a big rack of choices. and you try a few looks on and you come to an agreement. They take photos which will get sent onto the director. I can’t remember the brands I was wearing, that’s scraping the memory.

Joseph Millson as Carter

‘He’s on the move’ Joseph Millson as Carter – Casino Royale (2006)

Do you listen to any podcasts or get invited to any James Bond gatherings?

I do get invited to conventions and comic cons, I’ve been n the Bond universe, Horror films, The Last Kingdom so people who love Vikings. Marvel, Dr Who but not enough. So spread the word I’d like to do more. The filmmakers podcast is great because I’m about to direct my own feature film, Signs of Life, and I’m hoovering up advice from indie Film Makers at the moment.

Carter Joseph Millson

‘Can’t remember the brands sorry’

Can you remember anything about your lines from Quantum of Solace that didn’t get filmed? (Although made the video game)

I can’t remember what the scenes were about, Bond was about to go asking who was going with, I arrive and he goes oh no not him. And then its him and I on a start of a mission and I cock it up. Something like that. Please don’t quote me, although if you do please note that I’ve never played the game and I’ve done a thousand things since.

What can people see you in next?

Next up I 2023, I acted in about 5 feature films. One of them has just come out called WarBlade. I had a nice part in a big disney and warner bros thriller with Rami Malek called The Amateur. One called Two Neighbours, and my own first feature film Signs of Life.