Drifter in the thrift store

Jack Reacher walks into the Goodwill centre in Pittsburgh wearing a hibiscus Hawaiian shirt. We’re made to believe this is Miami with the brightly coloured grass and the palm trees, but this is really the Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) store in Lawrenceville, PA.

The Goodwill Industries NEPA provides employment opportunities, education, training, socialization and housing for persons with disabilities.

The making of..

The following quote I’ve pulled from the Goodwill facebook page.

Paramount Pictures approached the Pittsburgh Goodwill in the fall of 2011 looking for a store location, and the agency recommended its newly opened Lawrenceville store. They worked with GII to sign a trademark licensing agreement, and the three-day shoot took place in January 2012.
Jack Reacher goodwill

Spot the hanger that says Motion Pictures

The details

The brown leather biker jacket that Jack Reacher finds in store is a perfect fit over his green and black plaid shirt. It has an erect collar, two diagonal pockets on the waist, dual zip fastens on the side hem, a centre back seam with deep concave armholes and thick trim.

Any clues?

The jacket looks worn but not distressed. It achieves this look by being a supreme fit for Cruise. Plus there are varying degrees of fade throughout the jacket. The film’s costume designer was Susan Matheson and I have made some early enquiries into who made the jacket. Some reports say Wested Jackets did, although I’m skeptical. According to WhatsDanielWearing on Instagram Matheson made the jacket herself. Unclear at this stage if she made it with a manufacturer or company. Stay tuned. If anyone has any extra information please contact me and I’ll amend the article.

Jack Reacher leather jacket

Finish the look

The white henley is close to the slub cotton long sleeve henley from Rag & Bone made famous for the one Daniel Craig wears in No Time to Die. You can find a link to that here.

Jack Reacher henley Jack Reacher henley

He got the boot

The 2012 Jack Reacher film was based on the novel One Shot. In the book Jack Reacher ‘The Hard Way’, the author Lee Child gives his hero some Tenterden shoes from Cheaney. From page 234,

His shoes were bench-made by a company called Cheaney, from Northampton in England. The style Reacher had chosen was called Tenterden, which was a brown semi-brogue made of heavy pebbled leather. Size twelve.

The boots, however have been positively identified in an article by BamfStyle as Frye Dakota Mid Suede boots in “fatigue” brown.

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