Fisher on the floor in the bathroom casino royale

Min3 – Starts with the drowning of Fisher. (Above)

Casino Royale Minute 3-4

Cut to Dryden played by Malcom Sinclair. In an attempt to sound sympathetic he says,

Made you feel it did he? You needn’t worry.  The second is .. ‘

This is interesting because it sounds like Dryden is speaking from experience here. And we should say this draws back to the novel Casino Royale where Bond’s two kills are equally one that is brutal and face to face, and the other a cold kill.

The Gun Barrel

The bullet sounds great, the first gun barrel sequence where Bond has his back to camera. I love the way this film is a graduation of Bond. Which is why we couldn’t see Pierce in this. Pierce is already Bond so going through this emancipation of the character wouldn’t work with Brosnan.

We can’t have Craig at the beginning do the walk on gun barrel because it doesn’t make much sense there. He earns the gun barrel here with his first kill.

Completing Bond

Other signs of Bond maturing are his clothes. They get better throughout the film. He graduates to Bond at the end wearing the best 3 piece Brioni suit in the movie. Craig gets to say the name Bond, James Bond at the end not halfway. He also gets to have tickles of Bond score throughout like when he dons the tux because as David Arnold says, he needs to earn his stripes.

So this gun barrel feels like he’s playing Becoming Bond, where he gets little rewards along the way. Like in scouts, gets badges for each level he completes.

Sidebar – I think the best gun barrel is Licence to Kill, that is terrifying the sound of that gun barrel is legit squeaky bum scary. For Your Eyes Only starts like a damp squid. It has to start like a cannon going off. Can you imagine Craig turning, firing and then you hear ‘For Your Eyes Only….’

Interview with Malcom Sinclair (Dryden)

1. I understand that Daniel used this scene as one of his auditions for Bond. Is that correct and were you also privy to these auditions? I had no idea about that at all.

2. (Pertaining to question one) Did you audition this scene with any other potential Bond candidates? No

3. Outside of the deleted cricket scenes, can you remember if there was any other dialogue between yourself and Craig that was deleted? As far as I remember the scene was used complete.

Malcom Sinclair as Dryden

Malcom Sinclair as Dryden

4. When you think back to filming that sequence, what are your fondest memories? It was one of the first scenes to be shot, I think, and if I was nervous so was Daniel; not surprising as he was beginning to be Bond. He was extremely nice indeed, a marvelous actor of course, and him being nervous made me feel better about my nerves.

Martin Campbell was extremely precise in what he wanted and very helpful to me. I’m not sure what Daniel made of him. I loved being in Prague, and, once the nerves were over, I enjoyed playing the scene. It is extremely well written.

5. Can you also remember seeing it in the cinema for the first time? Do you know, I have no memory of it! I certainly saw it in the cinema but I can’t remember the occasion at all!

6. Did you have any input into the wardrobe choices? Especially that beautiful Ushanka hat. No, everything they gave me seemed perfect.

Malcom Sinclair as Dryden in the lift

7. Did you fall off the chair yourself when shot? Or if it was a stuntman, were you on set to see it? It was most certainly not me! I think I was nearby. He was much younger than me, I remember.

Malcom Sinclair talks casino royaleThe end of Dryden

8. There’s a blink and you’ll miss it moment to a family photo on Dryden’s desk. Did you have to get a separate photo shoot done for that photo alone? I have no memory of that.

With thanks to Malcom Sinclair, who can be followed on Instagram here.

Dryden's family photo

‘No memory of that photo’ – Malcom Sinclair

You Know My Name (Cornell/ Arnold)

We also have the opening of the song. The opening lyric,

‘If you take a life do you know what you′ll give?’

I would like to really get into the song in the next minute but we may as well talk about that opening lyric because its a banger. And I know for a fact David Arnold loves that lyric. I sat next to him at dinner once and he said he is quite proud of that opening line.

No one could regale it though. And no one could do it. And I was sitting with some heavy hitters from the Bond alumni, and I won’t name and shame. But it’s tough one. It’s not like ‘Goldfinger, he’s the man, the man with the midas touch.’

ENDS (min 4) with a shot of Mads Mikkelsen on the title credits. 

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