“It’s odd Get Carter hasn’t dated, most films shot in that period look dated when you look at them. For some reason Get Carter doesn’t. It’s absolute credit to the costumer Evangeline Harrison. She was very clever. I think in terms of what she chose, certainly in Get Carter. After Get Carter, I became much more conscious of using colours and costumes and locations. Dangerously so in some occasions. There was a sort of naivety about Get Carter it wasn’t cultivated in that sense. – Mike Hodges.

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I’m joined by menswear critic and king of the big white telephone, Matt Spaiser of Bond Suits. Also Ocean’s Obsessive Ken Stauffer of OceansOgrapher. Lastly Bespoke tailor and someone that worked under Doug Hayward, Delroy Smith about Mike Hodges’ 1971 British Cult Classic, Get Carter. The Costume Designer was Evangeline Harrison, her Filmography includes Lady’s Chatterleys Love TV series, Superman 3 and Buster.

Michael Caine’s 3 piece Doug Hayward suit has often been cited as one of the best in cinematic history. The podcast is available to listen on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify or in the player below.

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Get Carter


  • What is it that makes this suit timeless
  • Do we know it’s a Hayward suit?
  • What is dormeil tonik exactly?
  • Would this suit be too flashy for the office?
  • Would you look to modernise the suit if you wore it today?

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Delroy on Doug

It was amazing to see how sharp Michael Caine looked in that mohair tonik suit, which is from Dormeil. I think it was a three ply mohair and back then everybody went to Dormeil, they were the best quality you could get.

That’s a difficult suit to make, you’d struggle to make that suit today. He had that high notch lapel, a big notch as well, which a lot of a lot of tailors are doing now. That very slim, sharp-knitted tucked waist. The only thing I noticed that wasn’t quite Doug, it didn’t have that deep vent. Caine has got two side events. And he didn’t do a lot of that, it’s almost as if the vents got a little shorter in the time. That Turnbull and Asser shirt has a wonderful long narrow collar, don’t be surprised if you see that collar make a comeback in a few years.