Wall Street ellen mirojnick costume designer interview

Wall Street (1987)

In this episode we sit down with Costume Designer Ellen Mirojnick for a 3 part series to talk about Wall Street. The podcast is available to listen on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify or in the player below.

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“The fashion editor from the LA Times phoned and said, ‘Do you know that there are young men in every profession of 30 years old and older, walking around looking like Gordon Gekko?’ The hair, the clothes, the look, all of that was so seductive for young guys that I think that’s what really pushed it into the zeitgeist.

He was the villain. But he was a really, really seductive, sexy villain. And my only intention was to make sure that it was seductive and that he looked like a movie star.

I had finished a film with Michael Douglas, previously Fatal Attraction, three months earlier than starting Wall Street. So we knew that he needed to be in a totally different direction than a New York lawyer. At that time, Wall Street and fashion, it didn’t exist. It didn’t exist.” Costume Designer – Ellen Mirojnick.

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