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The way people dress in casinos has gone through big changes over time. In the past, ladies would wear fancy cocktail dresses, and guys would show up in their best suits, complete with ties and expensive shoes. But nowadays, things are more relaxed, especially in most regular casinos you find on the high street.

Online roulette and other casino games becoming popular and shifting towards casual styles at work have made many casinos loosen their dress code rules. Actually, only the fanciest casinos still require a formal dress code, with clear rules on what’s okay and what’s not in terms of attire and behaviour.

Now, when it comes to the people running the games, the casino dealers, also known as croupiers, their fashion hasn’t changed much. No matter which casino you visit, whether it’s in different parts of the world, croupiers are expected to always keep up their high standards.

Clive Owen’s Croupier: The plot

“Croupier” is a British neo-noir film released in 1998, directed by Mike Hodges. The film stars Clive Owen as Jack Manfred, a struggling writer who takes a job as a croupier (a casino dealer) in a London casino to make ends meet. While working at the casino, Jack becomes immersed in gambling and intrigue.

The movie follows Jack’s experiences as he observes the various characters who frequent the casino and becomes entangled in a plot involving a heist. As he becomes more deeply involved in this world, Jack becomes drawn into a morally ambiguous and dangerous situation.

“Croupier” is known for its dark and gritty atmosphere and explores themes of identity, temptation, and the blurred lines between reality and fiction. Clive Owen’s performance in the film received critical acclaim and helped to establish him as a notable actor in the industry.

Clive Owen’s croupier look: classic and simple

In Croupier, Clive Owen is rocking a classic simple croupier look, a suit paired with a white shirt and a bow tie. It is just perfect, as it shows his charm.

Image Credit: Film4 Productions

I will go through the general croupier look in detail in the next sections.

So, what do croupiers wear?

A typical look for male croupiers involves a suit paired with a white or black shirt and a bow tie. Some croupiers skip the jacket to stay comfy and move freely during long dealing hours. This also helps distinguish them from guests who might be wearing suits, too. Many male croupiers still sport a green visor, which shields their eyes from strain as they focus intensely on cards, cash, or chips.

Female croupiers can also go for the suit and bowtie ensemble, along with a waistcoat and the trusty green visor. Alternatively, they might opt for a stylish black cocktail dress if the casino permits.

Now, being a croupier isn’t the highest-paying job, with starting salaries usually around £18,000 to £19,000. Since many casinos don’t provide uniforms, croupiers often have to put together their own outfits from stores specialising in work attire. Given the formal monochrome dress code, there are plenty of different outfit choices available to them.

Live Casino Croupiers Dress Code

When you visit the top UK online casino websites, you’ll likely notice that live dealers mostly adhere to the sharp dress code mentioned earlier. However, some variations can be depending on the game and the studio where it’s broadcasted. Male croupiers might spice things up with coloured bowties, ties, and waistcoats, while female croupiers could opt for dresses in shades like red, gold, or even white.

Now, if we’re talking about newer “game show”-style live casino games, you might find the dealers dressed as game show hosts. That could mean sparkles, brighter colours, or even costumes that match characters from the game. The studio lights can get pretty hot, so it’s common for live casino dealers to go without jackets, and many of the women’s dresses may be short and sleeveless.

Unless a specific dress code is given, it’s a safe bet to follow the timeless style of the classic croupier. That means going for a sharp black three-piece suit, a crisp white shirt, and smart black dress shoes. This way, you’ll look and feel professional, representing your employer at the highest level.