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‘You Know My Name’

David Arnold has spoken extensively about his work conducting scores and writing songs for the James Bond films. In an interview on The Bond Experience YouTube channel Arnold said he wanted to write a song from Bond’s perspective. Arnold went to Prague and saw rushes of Daniel Craig running through a wall during the Parkour chase. ‘I needed a voice to mirror that,’ Arnold said.


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On The Bond Experience Arnold would talk about seeking out masculine voices and how those voices needed to resemble those of Robert plant and Rod Stewart. He admired the the arrogance of Bond, that people needed to get out of his way. ‘Get out of my way, because you know my name.’ Cornell’s voice had just the right kind of raspy-rock n roll edge to it that he was looking for.

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Image sourced: https://hifiplus.com/articles/music-interview-david-arnold/

From Wiki:

It charted in many countries, notably peaking at No. 7 on the UK singles chart.

Chris Cornell said, (several sources):

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I wanted to see what kind of awards, if any, did ‘You Know My Name’ receive. It got through the first round of nominees for the 2006 Oscars, but ultimately didn’t make the shortlist. I have the winners and the shortlist screen grabbed below from WIKI.

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