Bullseye (1990) – Aquascutum is thanked in the credits for contributing suits, coats and raincoats for both Moore and Caine. Matt Spaiser – Bond Suits.

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Today we’re talking Bullseye with Roger Moore and Michael Caine directed by Michael Winner.  I’m joined by menswear critic and king of the big white telephone, Matt Spaiser of Bond Suits. And British Film Director Jonathan Sothcott The Costume Designer was John Bloomfield, his Filmography includes Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Waterworld, Superman 4, Quest for Peace.

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What’s happened to Aquascutum?

They’ve gone. They went under in the pandemic, unfortunately. They still exist to facilitate sales for a run far east or markets. Japan particularly it’s very, very popular. They had this massive department store on on Regent Street or Bond Street.

And it had this stunning staircase you’d walk up and all these pictures on the wall of Morecambe and Wise and Sean Connery and funnily enough, nothing from Bullseye.

It was amazing, and then they downsize and downsize, they ended up with a fairly small store on Jermyn Street, which has stood empty I would imagine for about three years and it’s a shame. You know, Burberry and Aquascutum for raincoats were always spoken of in the same breath. – Jonathan Sothcott.


  • Jonathan off mic you told us that you had interviewed Winner, Leslie Bricusse and Roger about the film, I’d love to hear what they had to say about the film if you can share?
  • And Deborah Moore who plays Agent Fleming, Roger Moore’s daughter, you mentioned you spoken to her recently, does she think favourably about the film?

Shit from IMDB:


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My Thoughts

This film is close to unwatchable as any film I’ve seen. There is a clip of Paul Newman saying he would have liked to do another film with Redford and they waited 20 years and no script was good enough. I got the feeling that Moore & Caine weren’t as precious about the script, they just wanted to be in a film together and hang out with each other.


Then there is the narration it’s not clear who is chasing who at some point, especially in the kilts so they must have asked Michael to come in after and do the narration.

Lots of in jokes and breaking the fourth wall talking to the camera. I think this film is just lunacy. At one point Roger Moore is having a haircut next to the guy who he is supposed to be impersonating who is the spit of Roger Moore, and he catches a lock of his hair. He’s sitting next to him, both looking in the mirror both identical.

Bullseye moore and caine in kilts

Still going..

And then there is the men’s working club that is really a brother and Michael Caine goes to his and it’s a real massage that I liked.

They threw a lot at this, there are an untold amount of locations, extras, costumes, events, motorbikes, car chases, collisions, on paper this looks like a laugh riot. And that’s the trouble with ‘on paper’.

Bullseye? More like hit the wire and came out. (Sorry Jonathan).