Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs Look in Jobs

Ashton Kutcher looks remarkably like Steve Jobs in a photo of his appearance in the movie Jobs. Kutcher sits on a desk in jeans and a button-down shirt with a retro Apple computer behind him.

A photo of Steve Jobs in the early 1980s looks almost identical. There were concerns that Kutcher was only chosen for the role because of his superficial resemblance to Jobs. However, the resemblance went further than just a hair and a beard. Kutcher managed to capture the mannerisms, walk, and talk of the man.

Steve Jobs and his perfectionism

One of the scenes in the movie shows Jobs firing a man who shrugs off the importance of a font type. This is the obsession with perfectionism that led to products with the aesthetics and design that fans love today. Steve Jobs may have been obnoxious and rude but he never settled for anything less than the best. Apple products have evolved over the years and become an integral part of many of our lives.

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Photo courtesy of The Verge

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

The filmmakers did an excellent job of making Ashton Kutcher look as much like Steve Jobs as possible.

  • The actor already bore a physical similarity to the young Steve Jobs.
  • In the movie his thick, mane of hair was styled in the same way as Jobs.
  • He wore the same type of goatee as Jobs.
  • His mellow clothing style throughout the movie was based on Jobs’ signature style – black mock turtleneck, jeans, and cross trainers. 
  • His personal makeup artist had a great deal of experience in the industry.

In the movie, he looks just like the young Steve Jobs working in the garage with Steve Wozniak where they founded Apple.

The movie covers 30 years of Jobs’ life from early days at Reed College and the forming of Apple to being ousted from the company and making his return.

Physical characteristics

Before he even met director Joshua Michael Stern, Kutcher began picking up Jobs’ hand gestures, speech patterns, etc. He wanted to understand the man’s genius and his stubborn nature. It took three months of extensive research to get him to the point where he felt ready for the role.

Embodying Jobs

The movie didn’t receive great reviews but Kutcher received praise for moments when he seemed to embody Jobs. One of these moments was when he was staring in the mirror while denying the paternity of his child. Another is when he stands in triumph with Wozniak to unveil the Apple 11. This is when you have to admire Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs.

Kutcher said he was fascinated by the inconsistencies in Jobs’ behaviour. He wanted to understand why he made some of his choices. This helped him to humanise his portrayal of Jobs while still showing his obnoxious and callous side. 

Method acting

Kutcher takes a method acting approach to his roles. In this case, he listened to the music Jobs listened to, learned more about his spiritual philosophies, and spoke to his acquaintances and friends. etc. He says when he read the script the idea of someone playing Jobs who maybe didn’t care made him want to jump at the role. He knew it would take him some time to figure out what made him tick.

The actor took his method of acting a little far by even mimicking the fruitarian diet of Steve Jobs. He lost pounds and landed in hospital as a result.

Another split image of Ashton Kutcher and an older Steve Jobs also shows a remarkable resemblance. It shows the Apple founder in later life when his hairline is starting to recede and he is wearing round, wire spectacles. There are only minor differences between the two in physical appearance.


At first, many people found it difficult to imagine Ashton Kutcher in the role of Steve Jobs. However, there were more similarities between them than just physical appearance. Kutcher also has a great interest in the tech space and is an entrepreneur as well as an actor. He bore an uncanny resemblance to Steve Jobs in the movie but he went much further than the physical in playing the role. He picked up Jobs’ mannerisms, walk, and speech but he also managed to show his flashes of genius, perfectionism, and stubborn determination.