Yennis Cheung is a Chinese actress from Hong Kong and personal friend. Many of you might be familiar with her as the Casino Cashier in Skyfall. I managed to get some time with her for an episode of From Tailors With Love podcast. Some of the interview has been transcribed below.

I got cast in Skyfall because the casting director Debbie McWilliams went on the actor books and found me when she needed a Chinese actress for a very small role. I went to the casting because I didn’t think I’d get the job but I was lucky enough that the director Sam Mendes thought that my casting was very good.

Debbie and I met in South Kensington and I just went and improvised a little bit with the dialogue. There I was on my sofa just reading and I got the call and then I screamed out!

Back then I was doing a lot of modelling and TV commercials and not so much acting.

For me to land a role in a big film, I was ecstatic. I was really really excited and I want to tell the world back then. I just phoned my parents, told them I’m going to be in James Bond.

My description of the outfit worn by Yennis Cheung

Cashiers uniform with a high nehru collar a nylon dress with some embroidery around the bust.

Yennis Cheung skyfall

I remember the costume designer, Jany Temime. They sent me a black BMW to pick me up. I went to the fitting and met her. She measured me and showed me a ‘QiPao dress’, a gold threaded dragon and phoenix. She measured me, because I’m UK size 4 she tried to pin me to do the tailoring and she did poke me a few times.

I think its my fault, I’m scared of needles and I move around a lot. Her craft on how she measured and when it was finished it was perfect.

Listen to the podcast

You can download the full interview on the From Tailors With Love podcast (episode 23). In the same episode I’m also joined by Matt Spaiser of Bond Suits. Available on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify.