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Ahh Venice

George Lazenby is on the hunt for the swine that killed his daughter in Who Saw Her Die? It’s a film that makes a beautiful city like Venice, look like the Huntingdon from the late 90s. (Huntingdon was my hometown, famously featured on the cover for Crap Towns 2).

It’s a far cry from the quaint sun-baked idyllic disneyland-for-adults city that is so often the image portrayed in other films, including Moonraker and Casino Royale. 

Who Saw Her Die? trench coat

Not now child – sexy time

It’s pretty tricky to sympathise with Franco. Basically he only had to look after his kid who is visiting for a short spell. Instead he wanders off for some sexy time, then goes and does some sculpting, then thinks ‘oh no, where’s my child?’ Too late, she’s come a cropper poor lass.

Franco wears an off-white fleece lined trench coat throughout the majority of the film. It’s an unusual jacket in that it’s not common place to find a white trench coat that’s fleece lined. The buttons are also stone and don’t contrast with the coat much like you’d see with most white trench coats now.

You’ve got to roll with it

Beneath the trench coat a taupe coloured thick ribbed roll neck sweater that matches perfectly with his telephone. Nearly every character in this film wears a roll neck or turtle neck of some description. The difference being that a turtle neck can be tubular and rolled many times, a polo neck is designed to be rolled once.

Who Saw Her Die? rollneck

And the shirt

During some of the early chase scenes Franco also favours a cream coloured cardigan with a green shirt. The shirt has a large squared-X motif on both tips of the collar.

Who Saw Her Die? lazenby

Further Reading

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You can contact the management team for George Lazenby through his website.

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