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I talk to Nick Guzan from Bamf Style and Ken Stauffer from Oceansographer about the 2016 hit 70s action comedy The Nice Guys. The Costume Designer was Kym Barrett. Her filmography includes The Matrix trilogy, Three Thousand Years of Longing and Romeo & Juliet. We take a look at the key style elements, discuss the suits, the shirts and what style lessons from the 1970s are still relevant today? The podcast is available to listen on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify or in the player below.

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The Nice Guys ryan gosling russell crowe at the bar


  • Key outfits in this that are true seventies?
  • What can we take from the 70s and wear today without looking weird?
  • Can we wear those patterned shirts seen on Gosling nowadays? I want to quite badly.
  • Nick you mention in your blog Anto made the shirts, I’m guessing the suits were custom?
  • Favourite gag?

The Nice Guys suits

Shit from IMDB:

The Nice Guys patterned shirts

Thoughts and Review

It’s a collision of eras, reference the hippies the drugs, the hangover from the 60s there was an undercurrent of that here. I think Ryan Gosling has the cool patterned shirts form the 70s where the ancillary characters, the lawyers, the cops, all had the tropes of the 70s. Partly because Gosling needs to look cool, he is Gosling and he is the Protagonist. He’s not a cool character because he f*cks up all the time. But he needs to stand out. That is done through the patterned shirts and embellished jackets for the party for example. Ivory leather jacket

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His blue cobalt suit is a modern take on the seventies. Short sleeve pattern shirts are perfect for the era and can still be worn today. On the outside he is very formal, on the inside he is a mess with the cast, His exteriors are wanting to ooze competence, but he is anything but. His pants have a little flare, too much flare and he’d look a bit silly. As I suppose, most people did in the 70s.

Russell Crowe’s jeans are horrible. The leather coat notch collar with the stitching is very 70s, his characters wardrobe is truer to the 70s. A great article on the Blue ’70s Leather Jacket is now up on Bamf Style.

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