These Saratoga Sunglasses by American Optical first caught my eye when I saw these were the sunglasses worn by JFK. A wonderful blog on the American Optical site will give you all the details you need to know on that subject.

Leather Case

I do like the brown leather case that it comes in, with a cellophane bag that I replace diligently when storing. I have to say I am on top of my game at the moment with not losing or breaking stuff.


When I did the unboxing video for YouTube, I was initially unsure on whether these would be right for my face. Perhaps a little too feminine? Anastasia took them off me and naturally, she made them her own. I thought, well there goes another item I’ll never see again, except on Anastasia. Luckily, I’ve had some great outings with these glasses for the last days of Summer here in the U.K.

Sunglasses Worn by JFK


They feel very sturdy and secure on my face. I believe they suit me better than the Original Pilot glasses. Perhaps because they look more mature. Anastasia says they look more expensive, which is true. They are available to buy currently for 189 dollars on the American Optical site.

Sunglasses worn by JFK

I’m pleased that I have these sunglasses. Whilst they might not have any connection to films stars or, movies (from what I know) there is no doubt that they have historical value. John F. Kennedy was no slouch when it came to style. To also know he was a huge Bond fan (giving the greatest endorsement to Ian Fleming by listing From Russia With Love as one of his favourite books) gives these more emotion.

Sunglasses Worn by JFK

Further Reading and Credits

  • How the Saratoga Became Legendary
  • Thanks to American Optical for sending me these as part of a promotion giveaway. Make sure you sign up to the Newsletter for future giveaways. It’s freeeeeeeee.
  • I’ve seen a bunch of films on JFK, however the Oliver Stone is still the most impactful for me. Available on Amazon.