Fun(ish) packed adventures from the world of Bond. Written by me and not affiliated at all with anything official so don’t sue, just enjoy. Click on the image headers to download the stories as PDF’s. Or head to Instagram and see them in Story Highlights.

Braggadocious Bond (#5)

Bond and Madeleine are on holiday. Madeleine is enraptured with Bond’s story of his antics in the Hoffler Klinik.

Braggadocious Bond (#4)

Bond consoles the dying Mathis with an amusing anecdote before he pops his clogs.

Braggadocious Bond (#3)

Before Bond and Alec Trevelyan, AKA Agent 006, attempt to take over a Soviet Weapons facility, Bond has to have a quick brag.

Episode | #04 – Behind the scenes at EON

Cubby, Harry and Sean discover that Fleming was telling them the truth. He HAD called his leading lady Pussy Galore.

Braggadocious Bond (#2)

To diffuse the anxiety of being held hostage by Drax, Bond regales an amusing sexual conquest from his trip to Rio.

Braggadocious Bond (#1)

Bond accurately regales his triumphs and conquests from his pre-title heroics to Jill Masterson and Felix Leighter.

Episode | #03 – Trouble in Paradise

Bond & Scaramanga having a jolly good chat about Scaramanga’s construction woes. Trouble in Paradise – Scaramanga’s Construction Woes – (file size 54mb)

Episode | #01 – Trouble in Q Lab

Whilst offering some paternal life advice, Q finds himself in a tricky spot when the hydraulics on his vertical lift table give out. Can Bond, M or R save Q with their combined knowledge on maintenance and repair services? Find out in the new adventure of Trouble in Q Lab. Available as a PDF here. (5MB)

Episode | #02 – Operation Goldflush

James Bond has returned to active duty after his grand idea of taking M to Scotland to fight an army with a sawn of shotgun and an octogenarian Gamekeeper spectacularly backfires. The new M wants to put him on a top secret operation, there’s just one problem, the operation has a shit name, literally a shit name; Operation Goldflush. It’s a race against the clock as Bond and Mi6 desperately try and brainstorm a new name for the operation before it commences. The new adventure of Operation Goldflush is available as a PDF here. (12MB).