This blog is written on the go. There will be typos, shoddy grammar and mis-placed apostrophes. Sorry. It’s just cathartic for me.

June 5th – Bond’s place in Sloane Square (maybe)

Condenast get back to me:

‘Thanks for confirming! Should we hold rights, the fee will be $250 for the text. Would you like to proceed with checking rights?’
It’s not extortion, but it’s 250 bucks. AND it’s text. It’s not like I can wear it, drink it, shag it!
I release the Not Really News Newsletter with a link to the Vlog that’s now available. It’s a fair bit of work, I don’t know if I’d be able to do those on a weekly basis as well as the podcast. You can catch it below.


The view from Bond’s flat

Yesterday I work from an apartment in Sloane Square, Chelsea. Home of the literary James Bond. It’s a nice place, empty. No furniture and inside everything is painted white barring a knackered khaki coloured couch.

I can’t show you inside, but maybe this is a view from the balcony that Fleming’s Bond would enjoy as he pondered his next assignment.

Late last night

My Brother sends me a text and says that he wishes that Helen McCrory played Moneypenny instead of Naomi Harris. In his text he writes, ‘would still be a great Moneypenny and revisit Bond doing some proper flirting‘. A curious theory. Maybe not a great one to float in the current political climate.

In the world of Bond:

Joe Darlington publishes a live review for Skyfall on his YouTube Being James Bond. You can still catch that review here. The Bond Archives publishes an awesome photo on Instagram of the Fila tracksuit from A View to a Kill that he found in a fleamarket. N.Peal release their ladies 007 collection.

June 1st – Here we go again

Today will be a 12 hour day and I’ll be working for 7.12 GBP an hour. It is what it is. I have a 78 page document to proof read one final time, 3 podcasts, one Vlog and a Not Really News Newsletter to edit. I watched Mark Cousins 40 Days to Learn Film and decided that’s how I want to make videos.

I just can’t talk into cameras like I tried with the last one. As I wrote to Zaritsky, the trouble with Vlogging is that people like him make it look so easy. In fact it’s easy, but to do it well, is difficult. So I’ll try a different approach.

Goals for June?

I should set some monthly goals. I’ve no drink to give up, no weight to lose. In fact Mum called yesterday and mentioned I looked ill, need to put on weight. Well the way I’m going through Anastasia’s home baked fruit pizzas right now, that won’t be a problem.

In the world of Bond:

Ajay Chowdhury appears as a guest on the 00 Files podcast, Matt Spaiser posts a blog on James Bond most Timeless Suit Cuts, (It’s 6am, Ryan Hall has already read it and is the first to comment) James Davies from Do you Expect me to Talk on Instagram finds the firetruck from A View to a Kill in an old barn in Wiltshire.