In this episode Matt Spaiser from The Suits of James Bond goes in to the Alexander Olch New York branch to discuss the Avery Tie seen in No Time to Die. You can read more about that tie on his blog here.

We also have the exclusive on Matt’s rendition of From Russia With Love. Yes we hit over 100 subscribers for the Newsletter so expect some exclusive content soon.

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Yes I’m going to try and do this more regularly. Something extra for the show notes. My thoughts and brain farts.

I went to Rules Restaurant the other day. The ‘Delete the Files’ restaurant from Spectre.


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It’s actually a beautiful surrounding. The service is just very OK and the prices are inflated. But the company was good.

Sat next to Brian Dobson now a co-shot on James Bond Radio. He told me that Chris Wright will be returning to the show to do the reviews which is exciting.

Handball Leather-Trimmed Suede Sneakers

Thanks to Daniel Gastor for giving me the heads up on these ADIDAS ORIGINALS SPEZIAL Handball Leather-Trimmed Suede Sneakers. 

Not too dissimilar to the one Danny boy wore in Skyfall. Currently available on Mr Porter for 75 sheets.




For the sake of the cats

These God damn cats man. I’m off to Dubai for ten days, maybe a good time to turn off the heat and save some energy bills right?

Wrong. Anastasia says the cats will get chilly and will be miserable. So guess who has to leave the lights and the heat on for the cats.

When I die I want to come back as one of these cats. We are also paying cat sitters to come round and play with them for an hour. Sonofabitch, you’d think living in the centre of the universe might cause Manya to break out in a smile once in awhile.

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