What a trailer, what an end to that trailer that was. How bad ass was it seeing James Bond doing doughnuts in an Aston Martin shooting machines guns out the headlights.


Matt and I have done a live reaction to the No Time to Die Trailer and thats on our youtube channel right now. You can find that on the link below.

Nomi looks awesome

I like the look of Nomi, the Lashana Lynch character I think she looks battle ready. Ready to punch daylight through someone.

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Well done N.Peal

Clothes wise. I love the N.Peal sweater used for the No Time to Die poster. Well done N.Peal I’ve heard they’ll be getting those into production around February. But don’t quote me, I cant even remember where I heard that.

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No Time to Die N.Peal Sweater

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Opinions vary

Yeah I think Jonathan Sothcott said he looks like an electrician about to rewire his kitchen.

Which is a good one. Although sexy rewiring right? I mean I’ve worked construction and trust me, I don’t know any electricians that look that good.

Why I watched the No Time to Die trailer

So I know I wasn’t going to watch the trailer, after all my postulating and taking the moral high ground. But its impossible not to see this trailer if you’re on social media as much as me. Impossible.

David Zaritsky from The Bond Experience did a good breakdown on cocktail hour (see above) that Matera will be the opening, he then gets jilted, Madeline’s mugged him off somehow.

Bond then retires to Jamaica and so that blows my theory out of the water about Bond not being in the pre-titles.

Man wearing pink shirt climbing stairs

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Firstly, a shout out to some brands that have helped me out in the past week.

Mason & sons, have gifted me a nice Camp Collar shirt. I wore the heck out of this thing in Jamaica, its on my INSTA and you can buy it for 105 GBP.

Buy 3 and you get 20 percent off. If you look at the one Connery wears in Thunderball its very much like that.

Its linen, its pink, its out there. If you have a holiday planned getting away from this cruddy weather then check out those shirts.

Sean Connery Pink shirt Thunderball

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Sunspel, leant me some chinos, and gifted me the Riviera polo from Casino Royale and a tee shirt. Sea island cotton, My favourite kind of cotton.

You can get the Casino Royale polo in Navy for 90 GBP right now on the Sunspel site.

Me wearing a Sunspel Riviera Polo

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The Straw Hat

And Laird Hatters have gifted me a trilby. This straw trilby was on my head for an entire week. I know its not a Bond brand, but it’s British.

They have some stores in London and their summer hats are on discount right now. I got this straw hat gifted and you can buy it for 50 GBP.

man wearing straw hat

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